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CSA catapult - Young People in STEM

CSA Catapult exists to increase adoption of compound semiconductors initially in three focus areas: Photonics, Power Electronics and RF & Microwave.  It is focused on bringing compound semiconductor applications to life.

About the Catapult

The next wave of emerging applications will have an enormous impact on our lives. 5G communications will enable a host of new and exciting applications such as connected autonomous vehicles and multimedia services. Increasing demand for clean energy will require new electricity networks, while advanced sensing will open-up new opportunities for health diagnostics and security.  These developments will be underpinned by compound semiconductor (CS) technologies. 

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult exists to help the UK economy grow and works across the UK within a range of industry sectors from automotive to medical, and from digital communications to aerospace. 

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The importance of STEM and training young people in digital skills, as we know whatever career path young people choose to follow STEM subjects will be fundamental to pursue a career in technology

STEM can show young people how creativity and innovation can shape the world in which we live; it expands upon the resources available to schools and industry and reaches out to inspire the next generation who we hope will come and join us.  The Catapult is committed to investing in STEM activity as we truly believe that through opening our doors and sharing our experiences, we can help encourage a new wave of skills and ideas into the many areas of science and technology by showing just how the ideas of a new generation can be applied to real life challenges.  By investing that time early, we hope to help with the decisions made over which subjects to take in order to open up a host of opportunity for every young person’s future career. We are here to help nurture and grow the thinking behind tomorrow’s innovators and ground breakers; STEM gives us all a means to coach, support, challenge and provide opportunities for every young person who may or may not already realise just how powerful a career within a STEM subject can be.  

What your company is doing to close the gap between businesses and education

Whilst CSA Catapult is still in its very early days of year one, we are already planning activities which will aim to reach young people before they leave education and offer them an insight into the career potential contained not only within semiconductors, but science and engineering more generally. We naturally work with leading universities and so there is a synergy in moving from education, to Catapult and then using the broad experience gained with us to springboard into a career in industry. We take pride in helping to accelerate the transitions between business and education and feel we are in a unique position to make this happen and support people in their chosen career paths.

Why your company is attending Skills Cymru

We are attending as we are passionate about building a better future and we know this can only be achieved by engaging with the bright young minds of the future. We cannot hope to solve the problems of tomorrow armed only with the ideas of yesterday and so we want to demonstrate that science and engineering offer both rewarding and fun careers, but also offer opportunities where you can be challenged and really make a difference. We want you!

What are your opportunities for young people – e.g. apprenticeships, work placements, graduates, placements etc.

The Catapult is already building a team at a strong and steady pace, employing leading minds from around the country which includes graduate engineers across photonics, packaging, RF/microwave and power. As we grow we are already planning for how we can recruit and support placement students and ultimately apprentices within the next 18-24 months. What’s more, compound semiconductors span a range of businesses through the supply chain and our goal is to try and link as many of our partners together as possible, to create an apprentice and graduate rotation programme which could see you fast track a career through rapid experience and exposure to every stage of the CS lifecycle.  This won’t happen overnight but it starts with generating interest.